Complete 6 Inch Speaker Box

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Diameter: 15.24
Frequency Response: 80Hz-40Hz
Peak Power Handling: 1000W
Sound: 90 dB
Sales Of Package: 2 Complete 6 inch speaker box
Finish: Matt Black
Shape: Square
Body Material: Wood
Certification: ISI

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Crystal-Clear Sound With Carxtreme 6 inch Speaker Box

Carxtreme 6 inch speaker box offers unparalleled audio versatility to To Boost You Music Experience. The compact powerhouse delivers exceptional sound quality in a variety of settings, from car interiors and homes. Multi-purpose speaker box designed for durability and distortion-free sound is a testament to our dedication to the highest quality audio. Take advantage of the perfect combination of portability, adaptability, and outstanding sound quality with this 6-inch marvel.

6 inch speaker box Speaker Box 6 Inch To Use Home, Car, Taxi, Auto, Amp, Etc.

Compact and crafted with precision, it maintains impressive performance while ensuring easy installation. Upgrade your car’s audio system, your home entertainment system, or your taxi or tractor’s audio.

With the ultimate multi-use 6 inch box speaker, you can upgrade your sound game today. Whether you are on the highway or at home, you can enhance every soundscape with this versatile audio solution.

speaker box 6 inch How To Use 6 Inch Speaker Enclosure

Using our versatile 6 inch speaker enclosure is a breeze. You can enjoy clear, powerful sound as you hit the road by simply connecting the speaker box to your vehicle’s 12V electric supply. The sound will transform your driving experience instantly.

Follow Steps For Listen 6 Inch Auto Speakers At Home:

You’ll amplifier: Make sure the amplifier you choose suits your preferences and power requirements.

Connect Speaker: Using speaker wire, connect the car speaker box to the amplifier. For optimal sound transmission, make sure the connection is secure.

Setup your amplifier: Connect your audio source (e.g., smartphone, music player). To achieve the sound you want, adjust the amplifier’s settings, such as volume and equalization.

Turn On: To turn on the amplifier, connect it to a power source. Power from the amplifier will drive the speaker box and deliver impressive audio.

Note*: For best audio quality and distortion-free playback, adjust the amplifier settings carefully when using the speaker box at home.

With this simple setup, you can elevate your audio both on the road and at home with our multi-purpose car speaker box with 6 inch auto speakers. Experience seamless transitions between environments and enjoy premium sound quality wherever you go.

Warranty Summery On 6 Inch Car Speaker

Warranty Time: 1 Year

Service Type: Your Speaker Will Be fixed

Covered In Warranty: Manufacturing Defects are only covered in warranty

Not Covered in Warranty: Physical Damage and water damage is not covered in warranty

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 40 × 25 × 20 cm


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