Car Wash Price And Useful Tips For Saving Mone

Car Wash Price And Useful Tips For Saving Mone

When it comes to car maintenance, the car wash stands as an important service which is both a necessity and luxury. The world of car wash can vary as the vehicle themselves wit h lots of options and their different prices.

As you pull into a car wash facility, you’re not only greeted by the spray of soap and water but lots of pricing options. Carxtreme expert’s Will be discussing car wash price, uncovered hidden costs and the factors that affect what you pay to get that perfect shine.

Table of Car Wash Price

The prices of car washing varies greatly based on factors such as, the vehicle type and the service requested. Some of these services and their charges are;

Car typeEco Car Wash (in INR)Water Car Wash (in INR)Interior Detailing (in INR)
Hatchback Car Wash Price199550899
Sedan Car Wash Price199600999
Suv Car Wash Price2497991199
Premium Car Wash Price2498991299

Types of Car Wash Services

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There are numerous types of car washing services. Let’s explore a few of them;

Manual Car Wash: This involves hand washing the vehicle by a skilled attendant by scrubbing, rinsing and drying the exterior of the car. They are known for paying attention to details and personal touches.

Automatic Car Wash: It uses a machine and conveyor system in washing vehicles. Since the process is automated it offers convenience and speed and customers can choose from various packages.

Self-Service Car Wash: Provides spaces and equipment such as high pressure hoses, foam brushes and vacuum cleaner for the customers to wash their car by themselves. It allows the customer to control the cleaning process.

Mobile Car Wash: It allows for the operators to bring their equipment to the customers location. It has gained popularity because of it’s convenience.

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Car Wash Packages

Car wash packages usually vary depending on the car wash facility. Some of these packages are;

  • Basic wash: This involves hand washing of  the body of the car with soap and water and then rinsing.
  • Standard wash: Basic wash but with tire and other exterior parts thoroughly cleaned and hand drying.
  • Deluxe wash: Deluxe wash is both a standard and a basic wash with added services like waxing, polishing, and air freshener and deodorizing.
  • Interior detailing: Centers on cleaning the inside of the car, which includes vacuuming the floor, cleaning of window sills and upholstery treatment.
  • Full service wash: it includes the combination of both interior and exterior cleaning. It usually involves waxing, tire shine and interior detailing.
  • Premium wash packages: This is an expensive option with additional services like clay bar treatment, paint protection and cleaning of the engine.
  • Express wash: For those in a hurry, these provide a quicker, basic exterior wash.

Car Interior Cleaning Charges

3m car wash charges

Car interior cleaning services can be different depending on lot factors such as location of the car wash, type of car and the level of cleaning required. Averagely, a basic Car Interior Cleaning Charges start from ₹500 to ₹1000. A more extensive interior detailing and cleaning usually cost about from ₹1500 to ₹5000 or more.

Note that prices may vary noticeably based on the reputation of the service provider and the particular services in the package requested for. It is best to contact the local car washing industry to get specific pricing in your area.

3M Car Wash Charges

The 3M car care centers are well known for offering a variety of car care products and services. They are known for their professional car detailing services such as;

  • Exterior car wash
  • Interior cleaning
  • Waxing and polishing
  • Paint protection
  • Scratch remover 
  • Underbody coating 

The 3m car wash charges usually vary based on the different vehicles and the type of packages requested. Here’s a highlight of some of the services and its prices;

Table Of 3m Car Wash Charges

3M Car Treatment Segment Price Ranges In INR
3M Foam Wash Hatchback To Sedan Car Wash Price500 – 700
Mid SUV To Luxury Car Wash Price700 – 1000
3M Interior Dry Cleaning Hatchback Car Wash Price3500 – 5000
Sedan To SUV Car Wash Price5000 – 6000
Luxury Car Wash Price7000 – 9000


Regular car maintenance which includes keeping the vehicle clean is the key to durability and appearance. Car wash charges can vary a lot depending on numerous factors. Some of these are, type of car wash, reputation of the service provider, location and additional services rendered.

It is important for car owners to research that fits their budget and meet their specific cleaning needs.

FAQs: About Car Wash Price

How much should I wash my car?

It is advisable to wash a car at least once a week to keep it clean and prevent the build up of dust.

How much does a car wash price in India?

A basic exterior wash in India could cost between ₹100 to ₹500 or more. A more detailed service like interior cleaning will attract extra cost.

Why is car wash important?

Car washing is important for several reasons such as; appearance, preservation, safety and durability.