The Hidden PPF Coating Price For Car’s

The Hidden PPF Coating Price For Car’s

One of the most ideal ways to protect your car is to get it coated with a protective layer. These layers protect the vehicle from external elements, such as heavy rains, harsh sun exposures and snow. In the automobile industry, PPF also known as Paint Protection Film coating is a particular car paint protection applied to the vehicle’s exterior to protect it from environmental hazards. This helps protect the car from UV rays, scratches, or even dents. 

Read on as we explore some tips for PPF Coating Price and be involved in choosing the best company for PPF coating.

Table of PPF Coating Price for Car 

PPF Coating Price for CarPrices
PPF Coating Price for HatchbackINR 40,000
PPF Coating Price for SedanINR 45,000
PPF Coating Price for SUVINR 50,000
PPF Coating Price for MUVINR 55,000
PPF Coating Price for CoupeINR 60,000
PPF Coating Price for ConvertiblesINR 65,000
PPF Coating Price for Pickup TrucksINR 70,000

 Paint Protection Film (PPF) Types And Prices

ppf coating cost

There are various types of PPF coatings available for your choice. The coating you select will depend on the make and model of the car, your budget, the level of protection you want, and its application method based on the type. Considering a list of factors sometimes makes it hard to figure which option is the best, since there are various types with best ppf coating price for car Generally, the three major types of PPF coating available are:

  • Clear Coat coating: This coating serves as a protection against swirls, scratches and other damages to the paint. It is also used as a base coat for different paints. The clear coat PPF Car Coating Price is generally between Rs 1500-Rs 2500.
  • Ceramic coating: The ceramic coating is more scratch-resistant and gives a shiny outlook to the car paint. This ceramic coating cost mainly between Rs 2500-Rs 4000.
  • Metallic Coating: As the name implies, this type of coating is applied on cars with a metallic color like blue, gold, or silver, as it provides a mirror-like finish with an extra protection layer against corrosion, weather and rust. Metallic coatings prices often range between Rs 4000-Rs 7500.
ppf car coating price

Not just that, you should know that the charge fee for PPF coating of a car depends largely on how much coverage you want. Having the whole perimeter of the car coated can cost more than if you just want it to have some touch-ups. The differences in price may vary depending on the type of paint used for your car. For instance, the cost for having a PPF coating in a car can be higher if the car’s painting is made of clear coat paint, since it is more sophisticated and complex to work on and since it has more steps. 

The PPF Coating Price For Car can also depend on the type of coating you choose. It may also vary based on the workshop or company applying the PPF coating, the coverage area needed, whether any bodily repairs were fixed before using the layer and can also depend on the time it takes to complete the job.

How Should You Select a PPF Coating?

PPF coating is a transparent urethane paint which protects cars against certain external elements. This coating can be grouped into two classes, single-coat and double-coat. 

  • Single coat: This is the cheaper of the two options, but having less durability than the double or two-coat. Generally, a single-coated vehicle is more prone to peeling off when exposed to hot weather or when in contact with chemicals like gasoline or oil.
  • Double coat: The two-coat PPF coating is a long lasting one which can withstand and resist harsh weather conditions. However, it is more expensive than the single coat, hence one has to decide the type of protection he wants for his car based on his budgets and needs.
ppf coating price for car

When it comes to application, there are two modes of applying a PPF coating, these are:

  • Roll-on or spray-on method: The roll-on or spray method is an easy one that can be done at home without any prior experience or professional equipment needed. All that is needed is to apply it on a car’s bodywork or chassis using an applicator brush and then wait for it to dry before the next washing of the car.
  • Liquid method: This liquid process of applying Paint protection film is often more costly than the roll-on method, because it needs to be operated on by professionals with expertise in this field. The application of this coating requires a paint sprayer and paint booth to prevent overspray onto the bodywork of a car.


Having gone through the analysis above, it can be understood that PPF coating is most likely an important car maintenance and protection solution. It protects the paint from external environmental elements and ensures the vehicle doesn’t age, but rather looks good for years.

Although a PPF Coating Cost can be quite expensive, the coating prices for cars differ depending on the car type and the company rendering the service; as earlier captured above, basically the cost can range from between Rs 5000 to Rs 20,000.